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beginner to advanced

At Victoria School of Dance based in Castleford, West Yorkshire we run over 40 different classes at various ability levels from Beginners’ Ballet to Street Dance. We’ve given you a taster here but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help finding the right class for you.

Many of our classes are accompanied by exams and successful pupils are rewarded with medals and certificates. This is a great boost and provides lots of encouragement.


Great for developing strength and flexibility and promoting a sense of discipline, ballet is a brilliant starting point in dance for both boys and girls. An important core subject for all forms of dance and we have children of all levels performing within our dance school in Castleford.

modern jazz

Structured but fun class incorporating many different movements, varying rhythms and musical styles.

Modern Jazz is also an important core subject for all other types of dance. It builds strength, balance and core stability.


Great for anyone of any age, a gentle and fun fitness class.

Tap can be picked up quite quickly and instantly makes you feel good. Let your little ones make all the noise they like!


Great for encouraging children to think on their feet, Freestle makes use of disciplines taught in other classes to promote creativity in a less formal setting. We also run classes in Street Dance, Gymnastics, Musical Theatre and Singing. We’d be really happy to chat about any of them, feel free to call us on the number above or call in to see us at our Dance School in Castleford!

gymnastic dance

With inspiration from rhythmic gymnastics and gymnastic floor work, this style of dance incorporates acrobatic movement into elegant flowing routines with creative expressive lifts and poses.

Requires strength, flexibility and technique. Gymnastic dance produces inspiring performances for the dancer and audience.

street dance

Street is improvisational and social in nature encouraging interaction with spectators and other dancers.

The hip-hop dance style B- Boying and the funk style Popping and Locking are some of the most popular styles. Commercialised versions of these have been professionally developed and choreographed for music videos. Street Dance constantly evolves.

musical theatre

This all-encompassing class combines dance, drama and song.